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Well thats the end I suppose

After the years this series had lived through, It's finally over.

Well with all good things in life, they need a review.

Well straight off the bat the ever so used scene from Madness Combat 7 makes a return with the final stretch but with a bit more perspective that we could ever expect. Going back to your old ways with stairs was also thoroughly seen with the commencing of the stairway to heaven scene. Not to mention your love for elevators making a return. Although each room did have the same appeal as any other submission from before, it seemed to me that you were trying to incorporate a scene from each one of your previous submissions into this. Which I might say was a grand idea. And who will ever forget the bar'd room with the lever. Classic.

To say that every character in the main series was used can be said because it's true! Hank came back with his old self now that his scorpion stinger is gone; even though he didn't have it very long. And with the death of Deimos it seemed to me that Sanford was a bit more aggressive against the Auditor. Speaking of the Auditor my god he's gotten huge! The whole idea of him absorbing other beings in order to stay alive showed how cruel of a character he was. And even though Jebus and Tricky were both dead during all of this, they both did have an impact on the main characters. Tricky obviously had the biggest impact.

-Blood & Gore-
It was everywhere; on the walls on the characters, inflicted on the main characters, and pretty much the whole damn thing was comprised of blood and gore. The whole idea of heads being ripped off, bodies slammed into the walls, even crates smashing whole bodies into blood; I can proudly say that your love for creative gruesome deaths never left your absurd mind.

The series is over. That is all.

I wish I was around longer than the release of Madness Antipathy back in 2006 but hey, I couldn't operate a computer for some time. So heres my message to you Krinkels, whatever you do now from here on into the future, I'll still remember you as the man who filled my existence with a sense of Madness.

10/10 5/5

All new to me.

I enjoyed the animation portion, even though there wasn't much of it, all the same enjoyed it.

At first I had to remember who this Ywingit fellow was. And then it made sense later on.

But seeing how this was short and really didn't serve for much but an insult, I'm giving this a decent score.

8/10 5/5

Delawares responds:

you know, i saw a SARSURrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

What is This!?

Why wasn't I informed about the production of this beautiful creation of a flash!?

Seriously, this is all new to me, and I never expected it at all!

But anyway now, this is a review, and I shall proceed.

Like most things theres a backround to everything, an origin if you will, and by just observing this, I believe we have a man that appears to have been found drunk, and then was taken in to be used for a specific test without knowing. And while the animation progress's, we can still see his traits as a drunk as he roams about the complex. Am I right? But overall, I think it's grand that this has somewhat of a backstory.

The sprites in general were pretty bland, what with their simple shades of grey and well, grey! But something about that just seems to fasinate me. But not just the characters, but the guns aswell. And as for the gore, mmm delicous. Nothing like someones face getting blown out by a wrench. And as for the backrounds, they all around were alright, could use a little something here and there, persay some decay or some unnoticeable signs of the next part. But thats just me.

Now I at first was skeptical to see that Tomfitz was in charge of the music, but I then quickly realized that he was suppose to create the soundtrack for your collab aswell. So I quess it was easy for you to get a hold of him. And as for your music, your not half bad yourself. Makes me wish I could do the things you guys can do.

Although some of the sprites were a little bland and maybe some sprites flickered when they weren't suppose to, for the three of you guys all together as a team, I'd give this a straight up 10/10 5/5

And I'm not being generous here.

DIMB responds:

Wow bro, this review really is awesome, thanks a lot :D

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You were the Only thing in our Way!

If you had submitted this 1 day before or After, The Madness Collab may have gotten your award!

P.S. the Game's ok 8/10 4/5 >:|

casinojack responds:

I took the time to watch your movie and can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it, so I apologise for stealing your award - I'll try to be more considerate next time :)

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Yo Man, Continue at making awesome music like this! :D 10/10 5/5!

Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

thanks man! i definally will!

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Oh Pfft heh

Great to see some nice random stuff here and there in the Art Portal.

Especially about apples wearing crowns.

Simple Art...

Is fine art; and it always will be to me.

This is very nice might I add.

Archawn responds:

Sorry I took a bite out of you, your Majesty.

This Reminds Me...

Of what Rorychally did for a collaboration part.

The comic (if you'd like it to be called a comic), is good way the way.

10/10 5/5

Sunshaft responds:

thanx for 10/10

I had my fun. Now it's your turn.

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